Clockodo Webapp Review

by | Mar 6, 2017 | 0 comments

Platform : Web app
Developer : clickbits GmbH
Positivies :Easy to use, team management, UI
Negatives :None

Are you running a business with many individuals whom some or most of them are poor in keeping time? If yes worry not here because technology has advanced and gave us a monitory tool called clockodo. Clockdo is a web application device which is used as a monitory tool in small businesses and even non contract businesses. It is designed to display current job and even projects on the screen. Clockodo app is aided by diagrams for easy relaying of information to the user. Also it is able to manipulate information into various forms like graphs and even pie charts.

This app has a positive impact in supervising duration of work and projects for various businesses, be it individual or a company. This has made the clockodo to be well known and utilized by many in the digital world. This app is user friendly and the nature of its make is clean. Using it has proven that intense supervision leads to more so quality work is done.

Clockodo has got many features which slightly resembles other app’s features. It contains many compact tools that make it more attractive than other tracking device. The app screen is big enough to enable the user to few reports of work from the various places. The application is flexible in that it has a desktop and mobile fashion which can suit various working conditions. Upon installing the clockodo web application you will be allowed to familiarize with it for a period of no less than one month.

Another important feature about this app is that new are given time to wait and subscribe, hence workers who had used their account the last month are eligible for subscription. On the other hand it has reporting tools to enable the user to revisit information relayed in form of a graph or pie chart.


Importance of clockodo

Tracking your manpower system manually, entail moving from place to place. In this way you might get exhausted quickly. Through the use of clockodo your supervision is done while you are sited. Your job will be intense at the same time it saves you energy lost through making up and down movements. You are also given a thirty day trial. In this period you will not be required to pay any levies until you have known how it works. As far as payment is concern, paying this app is safe as it accepts paypal. Everyone need is catered for as for the users who prefer using their smartphones can easily install or download the app. The most important factor here is the information of your company will be save when you are using this app. Nonetheless your work will be to the standard because your workers are timed.

Limitation of clockodo

Despite the many useful advantages clockodo has a few limitations. Tight supervision might not occur well with all workers. Some workers work best under minimal supervision. For the beginners clockodo might not achieve much as they may not be in a position to interpret or feed information to the app.

Despite these few limitation the clockodo has led to the success of many business companies. Using this app is an asuarity of tomorrow’s success.

Worth Having App – Try Clockodo Now

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