As we all know there are thousands of FPS games in the market. It gets harder and harder to become competitive. Many developers strive with the problem of putting some innovative and out-standing ideas. Did CellFactor:PW achieve this? Mostly, yes. The game uses some quite innovative Psychokinetic Powers that make the game more power oriented. So what’s so special about CellFactor:PW? We get three different player classes: Bishop, Guardian and Black Op, that are very different in terms of game-play. Each class has its strengths and weaknesses and takes time to master. There is no best class, but each class is suited for something else…

Let’s begin with Bishop, which is a magic-oriented class. Its game type involves casting Psychokinetic Powers, mainly psionic power (that is a heavy hitter). Bishop is the best magic user in the game… There in opposition stands Guardian, a heavy soldier that has the ability of wielding two weapons at the same time. The Black Op on the other hand is a junction of the two previously mentioned classes. He mastered an ability of teleporting at short-distance.

There is a lot content in CellFactor: PW for the price (400 MP). You will get to take challenges in single player mode. These contain some pre-made goals that have to be fulfilled to complete a challenge. It’s definitely worth doing this, because this will unlock new costumes for selected class, and also upgrades to some of your powers… If it wasn’t enough for you, CellFactor: PW has additional mode called Skirmish. This mode means playing offline exactly the same way as you were playing online. And here we go with the icing on the cake… The online mode, which is definitely the best option to play. Here your skills will be matched against real opponents. When speaking of modes, these are rather well-known and not surprisingly original (Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag and so on).

CellFactor: PW is a good product coming right from the box with FPS games. It deserves closer attention, mainly because it has some nice power-infused game-play… There are some little things that could be done better, but for the price of 400 MP it’s a great addition to every collection.

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