Casino Over Under : The latest casino game for your phone

by | Aug 15, 2015 | 0 comments

Genre : iOS Game
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Positivies :screens, fun, easy to play
Negatives :none

Casino Over Under card game for the iPhone. It is a great game that will attract you and you wont realize how the time went. It is a simple fun game and is great for short or extended sessions. It easy to learn game and anyone can master it easily in no time.

It is a fast three card game which determines the outcome. A tutorial is provided so that you can learn about the rules of the game easily. The basic concept of the game is in the name itself : Casino Over Under. In the context of the game “Over” means that the sum of value of the three cards is greater than 23, whereas “Under” means that the value is below 18. This are two things you need to remember and you are ready to bet. The value of a card is same as The Black Jack. Its just that here an ace is considered worth 11.

So when the game begins an wager is fixed before any card is dealt and placed on the table and the first card is dealt to the player faced up. Now the player decides whether the value of the first card plus the value of the next two cards will be Over or Under. A player may also choose to fold but if he decides to continue he have to bet the wager that was fixed and place the chips on the Over or Under field of the table. After the bet is made the dealer flips the remaining two cards and gives the total value of hand. If the player has chosen the right value of over or under the player gets double the chips placed on the table. If the choice is wrong the dealer will take away the initial wager and the bet. You can also win bonus if the value matches with bonus tiers which needs to be chosen before any card is dealt. It can yield you a bonus of 50 to 1.

To start off you are provided with 1000 chips. There are different levels in the game. The higher level you go, the minimum wager increase. So to move to higher levels and win higher amount you should try to win in the lower levels. You can also chose to buy chips and add to your profile. You can buy 5,000 chips for $0.99 or if you aim high you can buy 500,000 chips for $6.99. The graphics is simple and not flashy as required for a card game.

This a very interesting super fun game and you will find it hard to put it away.Casino Over Under game is created with an intention to launch in casino tables . It is intended to be the new table game of the casinos in the next few years. So download today and be among the first few to play the game before it hits the casinos.The game is new and you will totally love it. If you are a player who loves casino games than you should really try Casino Over Under.

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