Car Cost Universal :Calculate the Annual Total Cost

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Genre : iOS App
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Developer : Bjorn Sjoblom
Positivies :concept, exact calculation, UI
Negatives :none

When buying a dream car, you have to know what the future selling price will be. This is calculated by checking the loss of value. It becomes hectic to know the annual cost of your car, but you can now download the Car Cost Universal app that helps to calculate the annual value. The app generates the depreciation and loss in value data.


Top features

The Car Cost Universal app is designed with several features that make it easy to get the total annual cost of your car.

Trade in estimate feature

The app offers a trade in value estimates for the owner’s cars, showing the mileage covered in its lifetime. This app generates information showing the miles covered. This then helps the owner to know the actual price when reselling.


Total cost

This app calculates and shows the amount of total costs of your car given, from the rate of wear shown. The total cost is also shown by including replacements timings.

Loan data information

Many people apply for loans when buying the car of their dream. But keeping track of the loan information becomes hard. To make the loan information available, the use of Car Cost Universal app is advised. The app has a feature that offers a complete set of information for the loans.

In addition, this app offers a unique method of fine tuning the loan term so that you get easy payment plans.


Forecasting the cost

The app allows a person to know in advance the total annual costs that cover 12 years in advance. The annual cost forecasts include the payments for the actual loans and the exact costs of the car during your ownerships.

Data set information at five years

The app will give users detailed information in five years, giving you the buying options comparisons. The data helps one to make a decision on the future.

Advantages of using this app

Getting information about your car and the loan taken is useful as it allows a person to have financial peace. The first significant benefit of this plan is to give owners an understanding of car ownership and the process of taking a loan to make the purchases.

Car owners need to understand the relationship between the car losing its value and the amortization. Comparing this information is not easy as you need a guide. The Car Cost Universal app helps to understand the relationship between these two aspects.

After using your car for several years, the starts to lose power and you need to know well when the next buy of a new car is essential. The Car Cost Universal app allows one to do just this. It can find the optimum time when your car cannot give better services, thus enabling one to make a decision to buy the next better car.

Buying a car is not easy. Therefore, this app is useful as it gives assistance when negotiating for a new purchase with dealerships. The aspect helps the client get the most affordable but ideal car in the market.

The app is useful for assessing the leasing agreement for buyers and sellers. If you are planning to buy a car, the Car Cost Universal app is the tool to use as it guides one in the process.

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