Idreams bring syou  Can Knockdown 2: Simple yetan enjoyable game to play, very easy to use with the amazing intergraded touch screen controls. This was aremarkable game to play; the design of the game just makes you want to keep playing, it is very addictive, making you want to play for hours.

This is one of the first games I have seen; with such astonishing physics and 3D effects. The high-resolution eye-catching gorgeous 3D graphics just pull you right into the game. With consistent full outcompetitive gaming, that will make you want to sharpen you shooting skills for hours. True to life physics, realistic sounds, allas you knock out each your targets.

With the simple swipe of your finger control, to throw the ball where ever you want to knock down the cans or hit the targets. My only wish would be to see them add more variety of game-play offering a greater replay value. It is hard to believe that such a simple concept could become so addictive.This game is one of the best takes on our original classic carnival games that we all grew up knowing.

In addition, I must say that this will be one of my top runners to add to the collection of games on my phone. Ideamshit the nail on the head with this game, great for all ages, and fun for the whole family. I know I am hooked line and sinker on this game already.This is must have!

WARNING!WARNING! If you have any compulsive or addictive behavior, you may want to stop and call your sponcer first before playing this game.

Try yourself at trying to hit the target, hit in in the middle to blow it apart. Or maybe you want to take your chance at knocking the cans off the shelf, watch out for the clock to run out. Do not forget to try your shot at the cans shooting up out of the pipes, now that one was a challenge.

This will be one game developer we had all better keep an eye one in the future. I hope to see more games like this one fromIdreams.

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