Bublup – A perfect example for File Management System

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Genre :
Platform : Web app
Developer : Bublup
Positivies :easy to use, UI, graphics
Negatives :none

Every journalist needs a perfect file managing system to arrange their contents and help them to develop a nice workspace. Like everyone, I’ve been saving my research documents, photos, and voice recordings in my cloud account. After I found that Bublup designs personalized workspaces for anyone who has messy storage, I immediately jumped to use Bublup.

I used to collect all the information which helps me to write interesting content. In my profession, I’ve been working with different columns of magazines, so I need to connect with every material that I have in my cloud. By designing virtual folders, it’s easy for me to access particular documents. It’s an awesome thing provided by Bublup. Inc, by creating these kinds of folders they have optimized the searching.

Any kind of notes, documents, music, voice messages, photos, and videos can be stored. You can even save the bookmarks of web pages, and links can be stored within a single tap. You can share anything from your cloud directly to your social media accounts.

Whenever I begin to work with our team, we share our references by sharing one of our Bublup accounts. The admin of the account can provide access to the members and also able to block access to certain folders. This kind of management can produce an effective change with the plan and makes the project unique.

Other than my profession, I am passionate about  writing and traveling. Whenever I start my journey to explore the uncovered areas in my country, I love to picture everything. Bublup helps me to develop a quick website called “Rolls,” in which I can share my travel experience with photos. I also started to write my insights on the blog I have created through Bublup. These things allowed me to be engaged with my passion.

Bublup is designed with very strong and safe algorithms; the Bublup team is highly concerned with providing a secure environment for their users. So users can contact the team anytime for clarifications through [email protected].

Both iOS and Android smartphones can work with Bublup, all users can upload around 3GB of files free of cost, and they will be extended with 1GB of space for every member joined with your referral.

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