Box Island – Nice Spotlight App, Must Try!

by | Jul 19, 2016 | 0 comments

Genre : iOS App
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Developer : Radiant Games ehf
Positivies :UI, concept
Negatives :none

If you want to teach your children the principals of coding, no need to search for anything. Pick up your iPhone or iPad, just go to App Store and download Box Island. Box Island is an awesome mobile coding game which takes the kids on an exhilarating adventure to travel a fascinating island. This game is a very good medium for the kids to apply their brain in the basics of algorithms, sequences, loops, pattern recognition, conditionals and debugging too to progress through the ultimate fun and intellectual gameplay. The game is undoubtedly unique for its eye-catching 3D gaming world as well as the fun story parts which keep the kids highly interested, engaged and motivated to continue playing.

Every journey begins with one step and the adventure of coding begins with Box Island. Learn basics of coding in 100 beautiful and smart levels. Every level you complete increases your understanding of coding. Explore the beauty of each level and enhance your curiosity towards coding and algorithms.


Pros :

User interface :

The graphics are superb and definitely a plus in terms of student engagement. it is unlike anything else the kids might have tried. A nice user interface is provided to the kids in their journey with beautiful animation and gesture recognition technique.This charming coding game takes the children to an exciting adventure and parallelly provides the scope to learn the fundamentals of coding.

Gender neutral as well as culturally friendly :

One of the best parts of the game is gender neutrality. Both boys and girls can play with equal interest and learn algorithms. The friendly characters enhance the engagement towards the game to every kid. So overall, the app is culturally friendly as well.

First coding experience :
As far as your child’s first coding experience is concerned, Box Island will be the best medium to make it. By mastering the primary fundamentals initially, your kids will be more equipped to have more advanced coding experiences. The full game is around 3 to 6 hours of time to play, depending upon the age and earlier experience with coding.


Can be ideal for classrooms :

Box Island is a great alternative for the teachers and academic institutions that are willing to provide a high-quality introduction to coding to the kids in the classrooms.

All age’s fun material :

Not only the presentation but also the aesthetic has been crafted particularly with 8 to 12-year-olds in their mind, even people of all ages can get material to enjoy the app with great fun.


Cons :

The levels are really a bit tough. For the beginners, even the free part of the current version appears to be difficult. As a result, many kids may loose their interest to the game. Once one child is habituated with the game and apply his/her brain easily to the algorithms, he/she can proceed to the paid levels too which are even more interesting.

In the latest version, the number of levels has been increased from 50 to 100. A polished the world map is also added. Another standout feature is the app now provides support for as many as 10 languages in total. All in all, this is really a great innovation and one can say confidently that this is a world-class gaming app and soon to be the biggest tech publication in the world. Highly recommended coding cum gaming app for the kids !!

Worth Having App – Download the App

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