Welcome to one of my favorites in the (FPS) genre, game that gave me the most amusement in the long long time. There are games that are good, we all love to play. And then comes out a title like Blackout: Retribution that shakes everything with a power of a thunder and leaves nothing behind… I didn’t realize that a game could hit me in the head like this! Graphics, design, maps and the most – game atmosphere are one the most “tight” in the whole genre!

Retribution doesn’t offer any single-player mode and that’s really understandable. It has multi-player component that is explosive like a grenade, so who would ask for more? Battles in Retribution are team oriented and make use of every cover, hidden area and armament you were given. Mostly it will take a planned and tactically oriented attack to succeed in crushing enemy’s plans. One of my beloved features in Blacklight are deploy stations that are located here and there on the battlefield… They play various supportive roles during matches, mostly: re-supply ammo and heal players… Also they excel at providing some heavy firepower but this often happens at a steep cost…

With every match players gain experience and gold, proportionally to their scores. With each new level gained you will get access to new armaments and better weapons and amours. Customization is that creative that you can even make your own emblem, or title that will be you recognition in Blackout: Retribution. I know that weapons is a subjective matter, but bear with me! When I threw a couple of series from the assault rifle I nearly fell off my chair! I haven’t seen a better reincarnation of a weapon for years!

Graphical engine was based upon Unreal Engine 3 that made this game look really amazing! Player models look very cool, the same can be said about weapons and environments. Game has a very nice atmosphere that is mostly noticeable in the menus and during matches.

Blacklight Retribution is one the most advanced Free To Play titles ever to date! This game in terms of quality beats many paid-to-play products… Blacklight puts many games to shame, and can actually give a headache to many developers. I can say: this game absolutely rocks! If you don’t believe me, bear with the fact that I got totally already addicted to it. PS.Beware! this game can eat up a huge portion of your life. Entering on your own risk!


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