Blacklane- Your Professional Driver- iPhone App Review

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Genre : iOS App
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Developer : Blacklane GmbH
Positivies :UI, concept, quality
Negatives :none

Smart phone brings the entire world at our door steps. Particularly the mobile applications available in the iTunes and Google Play Store for iPhones and other Android mobile phones always makes the work easier and reduces the work load of the people. Now in the current trend, almost all the leading companies are providing their services through mobile applications. Banking services, Transportation services, online shopping and many other services are provided to the people in the form of mobile applications. One such highly appreciated mobile application service is the transportation service. People can book the cab through the mobile applications available and can reach their destinations faster. Lot of travel related apps are available in the stores but the Blacklane-Your professional driver application is one of the best mobile applications through which the iOS users can enjoy the transportation services offered by Blacklane.


About Blacklane:

Blacklane is a transportation company which is providing their transportation services to the people in a customer friendly manner. They offer limousine or chauffer service to the people at lower rates. The company has a team of experienced and professional drivers. One can gain the access to a fleet of cars through Blacklane at anytime and anywhere at a reasonable cost. They provide good offers and voucher codes. The company always gives a well explained price quotes to their customers. The price quote has a clear explanation including all the fees charged, the taxes involved and the discounts offered. Blacklane offers their service through their mobile application and website. Among these two, the iOS users can go with the Blacklane-Your Professional Driver iOS mobile application as it is one of the best and fastest ways preferred to enjoy the services offered by Blacklane.

Blacklane-Your Professional Driver App Features:

Blacklane- Your Professional Driver is an iOS application offered by Blacklane GmbH. The company provides their transportation service to the people through their iOS app at lowest rates. The application is available in the iTunes play store. One can download and install the Blacklane- Your Professional Driver mobile application from the iTunes store. The total size of the app is 57.2MB. The Blacklane-Your Professional Driver application supports the iOS version of 7.1 and above. The application is highly compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Backlane-Your professional driver application has a rich and cool user friendly interface through which the users can book their cab. To access the service offered by Blacklane, one should be a registered user. The user can book their ride by keying in the pickup location, drop-off location and time. Based on the total distance, the estimated amount will be calculated and the user can pay the respective amount and book their ride. To enjoy the offers and discounts, one can also give the respective voucher code while booking their ride. Once the car is booked a notification including the driver details will be sent to the customer’s mobile and email. Based on the notification details the customers can get in touch with the driver and can travel to their respective destination. After reaching the destination customers can give their rating and feedbacks about their ride.


Blacklane-Your Professional Driver App Pros:

1. The application is easy to install and use.
2. The application has a rich graphical and user friendly interface through which the users can book their ride easily without any confusion.
3. It has a convenient payment mode. The user can pay through their credit cards or through other payment modes in a secured manner.
4. Bridges the gap between the customers and the drivers through good communication and message notifications.
5. Perfect mobile app for the users who have an exact schedules regarding their travel
6. Convenient for the customers as the drivers maintains a good punctuality.
7. Calculates the distance between from and to location in a perfect manner.

Blacklane-Your Professional Driver App Cons:

1. Sometimes it is difficult to specify the location in the app.
2. The overall performance of the application is slow compared to other travel related apps.
3. The application sometimes does not show the earlier trips.
4. The performance of the application would have been much better.

Blacklane- Your Professional Driver App- Overall Rating:

Compared to other travel related mobile applications, the Blacklane-Your Professional Driver iOS app provides a good travel service to the customers in almost all parts of the world. They promise a good and safer ride to their customers and have satisfied their customers by offering a high quality services. Blacklane has earned an overall customer rating of 4.5/5 for its quality, affordable rate, customer friendly and professional services. Apart from its service rating, the Blacklane-your professional driver mobile application has also earned an overall rating of 4.5/5.

Install Blacklane- Your Professional Driver app and get the best transportation service!

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