Beaver Smash- Smash your way to victory

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Genre : iOS Game
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Positivies :Good graphics
Negatives :none

There are so many apps to educate your kids about so many things today. It is up to you to prioritise and pick the right ones with the right lessons. Being aware of your environment and surroundings is one of those lessons that you cannot miss. You must inculcate these values into your child at a very young age. Fortunately for you, there is an iOS app that handles this matter in a very fun way. Beaver Smash by Iron Ninja Games is what we’re talking about here. Read on to know more.

The concept of the game is very simple. There are beavers across the world who are destroying forests- one tree at a time. once the forests are gone, life in all forms will cease to exist. Your child has to travel all over the world and tap these beavers to death before they kill all the trees. It is the only way to save your world from dying. Being part of the force that is saving the world helps your child understand the stakes better.


As you proceed with the game, the speed of the beavers increases. The challenge is to match their speed and keep up with them. Each beaver has to be smashed and killed. The levels get harder and tougher as you proceed. To add to the fun factor, there are bombs that you have to avoid, tornadoes to watch out for and Power Ups to collect. There are a variety of Power Ups that help you gas the beavers to death, zap your way or shoot. You will also come across beavers with special abilities. The only way to get past them is to identify their strengths and weaknesses both.


The action and fun with this game is never ending. You can be rest assured that your child will be kept engaged for a good while. There are more than 100 levels in the game, each one different from the others. While some are very small and easy, others can get very challenging and demand a lot of patience.

There are 2 special modes in case you get bored of the regular levels. The Impossible Mode tests your skills. Only the best can survive. You will need medals from the main game to unlock it. There is also an Infinite Mode. This one is a test of your endurance. Random levels are generated one after the other and the real test is to keep going.

The developers have done a pretty good job with the graphics and user interface indeed. They have added a custom music for each location that is visited. This gives players a native feel of the place indeed. The beavers have been given a very evil look with a smirk to convey their negative mission too. The controls and main menu have all been put on a single screen to make navigation simple and easy. The game is intuitive, enabling people of all ages and skill levels to be able to handle it.

Good: Good graphics

Bad: None

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