Be an itinerary expert with Travi App

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Genre :
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Developer : Giuseppe Lupo
Positivies :simple to use,safe, UI
Negatives :none

The itinerary is not just for exploring new places, also to make our life filled with fruitful experiences. Travelling rejuvenates people’s life and keep them ecstatic but only if they plan to balance their work-life with traveling. We should design our itinerary perfectly filled with colorful and must-visit places. What if an app can help you to plan you’re itinerary and provide all information you need to know about your destination and keep you updated till the end of your journey, Sounds great! Right, Yeah Travi is specially made for people who are all planning for vacations, single-day trips, exploring trips and, etc.

If you are planning for your dream vacation, Travi is best suited for you. Travi is designed with the motto “Travelling made simplified”, So this app makes your plan as much as simple to make you lighter to travel. You can find Travi in the app store under the travel category from Giuseppe Lupo.

After the installation of Travi, you need to sign in with your email, and then you are set to choose your destination. When you start to select the destination, Travi gives information about the places you must visit with closing and opening time information. It also gives details about restaurants and hotels near your destination and how to reach your destination as soon as possible with proper transportation schedules. All you need to do is select the dates of traveling and plan your day in chronological order.

In Travi you can also chat with other Travi users by sharing your experiences through the share icon and you can ask for information about your destination. So Travi helps you to get the most out of your itinerary through its specific key features like activity suggestions, restaurant suggestions, must-visit recommendations, transportation tips, and trip overviews. Also, Travi can provide details about current day activities in your destination and how to get it simpler. Through this process, you can feel a new kind of traveling experience in your life.

Travi is rated out of 5 in the store and user review denotes this app fulfilled the needs of travelers. To get this app you need to have iOS 13.0 or later versions and it comes free of cost.

Travi comes with English, Spanish, Simplified, and traditional Chinese language support. Privacy securities are one of the major supporting features in this app, Travi doesn’t track their user’s trips and keep their information safe. Users will be supported by

Worth Having app – Download the App

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