B Book – Shake Your Booty Over and Over

by | Nov 3, 2012 | 0 comments

Genre : iOS App
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Positivies :nice idea, intuitive interface with beautifully designed layout, password enabled security, hidden projection, free.
Negatives :no internet support and lacks integration of social networking websites like Facebook for wider utility.

Ok, let’s just admit the truth! We all have our private sex life. Love, affection, ditch, relationships are all a part of it. Just a glance at someone’s face sometimes is sufficient, while a 5 year old friendship is also there. So, it’s all about your bonding with the person. That’s why we date someone so that we get something to know about each other. But with so many pretty faces around, you must have a mind of a ‘playboy’ to manage things so quickly with smartness that you get enough credit for your efforts. But don’t worry if you’re still busy handling ‘something more important’. B Book will do it for you.

B Book is a free iOS app that has been recently released in the App Store by Entropy Enterprises. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 4.0 or later version on the system. The app makes scheduling your dates and reunites with friends as easy as scheduling your events in the calendar. Just fix up the date and the event with the required person and it’s all done.

Now, when you first launch the app, you need to create an account. Just finish it up quickly and get access to an offline dating site, administered by you himself. It’s all designed in the way every boy/girl wants it; easy to use and exotic in nature. You can add contacts and divide them in two categories: prospects and bedmates according to your mash-ups, feelings and how frequently you meet each other. Then, one of the best things to notice is the personal profile for every contact. You can add a photo, age, height and other personal details of the nominee. This allows for an easy comparison among two, based upon the physical qualities. More rudely, you can even rate them.

The developers also know the ‘touchy’ topic they have chosen should be well secured for privacy reasons. That’s why; the app is password enabled, supports Fake Caller-ID and on the top, packs a secret weapon to cover it all like everything is fine. If you enable the secret weapon, your app will be displayed as a banking app rather than the original one. This way, no one is ever going to doubt your character, no matter how ‘bold’ are you in your real life.

As we told, the app is simple yet delivers an exotic experience, just like a romantic sensation. The user interface is clean and offers smooth navigation. Graphics are beautiful with nice color combinations. Now, you’ll never be late to your date. Just set the alert and you’ll be notified with a ringtone. However, support over Internet and social networking sites like Facebook would have been a good option to add more friends easily.

The app is good with a very thoughtful idea; after all the emotions count. However, you must be 17 years or above to experience the ride.

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