Auto Law Pro: Your Roadside Assistant !

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Genre : iOS App
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Developer : Reference
Positivies :video enabled, Ui
Negatives :none

Have you ever found yourself stranded at the road side need of help? Luckily, with the new app that will help you get your worries out of your roadside assistance. Auto Law Pro is one of the new Android applications that will guide you through the legal issues as you drive your vehicle. The app is on the road to help the drivers with the issue of roadside assistance. The road is not always secure as anything mischief can occur as you drive along, but thanks to Auto Law Pro as it can help to avert the issues related to the road issues.auto1


The app is directed to help you as a driver whenever your automobile breaks down. The automobile may break because of many factors with the inclusion of mechanical failure, malfunctioning of the engine or wheels of the vehicle.


In case you are caught up in an accident, then the free app is there to help. Accidents do occur and it’s better to have the app as it will help you address all the legal issues what you are supposed to do, who to contact, how the accident happen; this will reduce the many questions about the accident.

The app is the best whenever you are stuck in stressed moods as you figure how to get yourself, the app will help you get everything organized and easy to access. The app is well set as it takes into account, especially all the details, emergency contacts in case of the accident you will be contacted. The app has two sections:

  1. I had an accident
  2. I got the ticket


Both of the sections of the power to save all the required information about your personal details that will be easy to be contacted whenever you are in need. The interface of both sections is as helpful as it gives you the option to put into perspective all the emergency information that will be required at the time of the accident. As you deal with the ticket you need to have some photos concerning it with the inclusion of some notes to help in the explanation. After having all the information and the tickets, photos you are mandated to send them to the Attorney using the Auto Law Pro network.

The app is best in case of an accident as it takes account all the details of the accident, photos of the accident, the photos of the car, any witness that were around, information as to the insurance, responding officer for the accident, and all the vehicles around the accident. When all the above information has been captured its best to contact the attorney by sending the information for him/her to facilitate and prepare a strong base of the case if you will be judged at a court of law. The information will reach him with the use of the Auto Law Pro app network.

Finally, the app has one of the best features of video enabled. Whenever you have unlocked the app, it’s nice to enjoy the videos and records the information as photos or videos to help as a lesson in feature whenever you are faced with the same problem.

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