AudioZest 3D Music Player : Best Music Experience

by | May 13, 2013 | 0 comments

Genre : Android App
Platform : Android
Developer : Bit Cauldron
Positivies :The effects are tremendous and the app delivers what it promises
Negatives :The price of the app is a bit too high.

The smart phone is the smartest entertaining device with music player, video player, internet and applications to be downloaded. Many people love to enjoy music on their smart phone but the feel of home theater or a movie theater cannot be enjoyed when you hear the music on your headphone. This is due to the placement of the speaker and the speaker is placed into your head, through the headphone. You don’t seem to enjoy it the same way you would if you were listening from a distance. However, AudioZest 3D Music Player by Bit Cauldron has solved the problem with its unique speaker system that provides a home theater like effect.

AudioZest has brought 3D music to your Smartphone with its app store format. The application is available for $4.99 and this is going to provide you a whole lot of entertainment from your stored media. You don’t require any special formatting for the music or a separate system to be attached. The app creates a virtual room in your mobile phone and you can place the virtual speaker anywhere in the room. The music or the sound you will here will seem to come from the place you have placed the speaker. This is a complex app presented in a simple manner. This is a showcase app of AudioCauldron Headphone Engine, with the same kind of effects.


  • AudioZest Takes the speaker out of your head and put it where it should be, at a distance.
  • The application creates a virtual room where the virtual speaker has to be placed. So, you listen to the sound and feel that the speaker is placed far from you.
  • You can place the speaker in any angle. It can be 30 degree for the home theater effect, 22.5 degree for the movie effect or it can be even placed at your back. You can also place the speaker over your head and feel the effect of god’s sound.
  • The 3D hemisphere created by the app is quite effective and you can always check how it sounds before fixing for some time.
  • No special formatting is required for the music. Any stereo sound will play in a superb way with this app without any special formatting.
  • The app supports all the features of your regular media player. You can select songs according to artist or album or genre.
  • The interface of the app is quite easy to operate.
  • Long tap or hold down option can be used to add a song directly to the queue or play it.
  • The current version of the app is 2.08 and it takes only 3.3 MB space on your device.
  • The app requires android 3.0 or upper version.


Summary: AudioZest is a showcase app of AudioCauldron Headphone Engine which provides a 3D sound effect to the music stored in your device. The app allows you to place virtual speakers around you and experience rich music.

Good: The effects are tremendous and the app delivers what it promises.

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Bad: The price of the app is a bit too high for the features it provides.

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