AstroSecret : Secret to a New Life

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Genre : Android App
Platform : Android
Developer : Astrosecret Apps
Positivies :: intuitive UI; clean layout
Negatives :none

Parenthood is the dream of every husband and wife. Watching a life growing up inside you is a happiness that every mother wants to feel in her lifetime. She’s willing to bear all pain and anxiety because all that will be paid when her baby calls her “mother” for the first time. The first time when he gets up on his feet, walks up to you and kiss you is a memory that’ll last your lifetime. Now you’re no more living for yourself. Sacrifices become a part of your life and the happiness they bring to you can’t be more satisfying. But unfortunately, everybody’s not as lucky in this world. There are many couples who keep trying for a baby but never succeed. Obviously, doctors have a solution for them but not all of them. Many of them are still guessing of what went wrong. But now, that guesswork is over.

I am talking about the latest Android app called AstroSecret that has been developed by Astrosecret Apps. The app is compatible with all the devices running Android 2.3.3 or any later version of the OS.


AstroSecret is a calendar for women where they can see which are the most favourite or I should say fertile days for them to get pregnant. These calendars are based upon their exact time, date and place of birth. Yes, it’s an astrological calendar and if you think that astrology is all about useless predictions, then let me tell you that it’s also an “ancient science” field with a logical base. So after you enter your birth data, you get a calendar made only for you that contains all the important dates of your pregnancy cycle. There are also some special days in the calendar when your chances of getting pregnant are the maximum. It’s like the sky is full of birds and if you’re out for a hunt, you can’t get a better chance.

What AstroSecret provides you more is the probable gender of the baby if conceived successfully on that special day. Also, you’ll get to read his/her horoscope along with some of the qualities he/she will be blessed with. So now you have all the time to plan for your child. You already know what’s inside the magic box and you’re well prepared for it.


AstroSecret is a very well designed calendar. You can mark your periods on the calendar and see the special days of all the months of the year. It’s obviously won’t be right of me to say that this app works because I can’t tell you that. But what I think is that this app is at least giving you a chance to try for based on a legitimate study and astrology has done wonders for many, so why don’t you!

Overall, AstroSecret is a very well designed app that can be very helpful to you. So if you’re looking for a child to take care of, I think this is the right time to do so!

The app is available for free in the Play Store.

Pros: intuitive UI; clean layout; special days with maximum fertility chance; probable gender and horoscope of born-to-be baby; free.

Cons: none.

Worth Having Application –  Download the App

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