Animalz Pop-em

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Genre : Puzzle
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Positivies :Multiplayer Puzzle Game
Negatives :None

We learnt that Puzzle games are used to be generally a simple genre with a simple idea. You solve puzzles for time killing enjoyment. However, the genre ballooned in a big way on mobile. In fact, it’s one of the most familiar genres on the entire platform.

These days, you can find some seriously good puzzle games on iPhone. Gone are the days of super simple mechanics and graphics with acumen ideas, with intense and complex apps with creative stories and good graphics. This list changes fast as new puzzle champions emerge. Here is the best puzzle game for iPhone namely Animalz Pop-em developed by Purplezoo Productions Inc which is an addictive, easy to learn puzzle game.

You can play with friends or compete online. Animalz Pop-em is powered by Skillz to give you a fun and unique multiplayer experience. So play for fun and test your skills against people from around the world to climb up the leaderboard.

How to Play Animalz Pop-em:

  • Pop the balls to score points
  • Rescue the Animalz by getting them to the bottom of the grid
  • Game is timed to 3 minutes so act quickly and skilfully.
  • Use the unique ability of the Animalz to rotate the balls to get more points

It is experienced that smartphone touch screen controls offer a unique opportunity for puzzle game developers. Our pocket devices are best suited for clever puzzle games because they’re simple to pick up and play whenever you have a few free moments. If you’re looking for interesting Player versus Player competition then check below points out.

Know about Player versus Player Competition

  • Face off against players of similar skills on the Skillz network
  • Play Head to Head with other players
  • In head to head games, both players start with the same layout
  • The player who finishes with the most points wins.

You can compete Worldwide

  • Best to challenge people around the world.
  • See where you rank on the leaderboards.
  • Earn trophies for achieves goals
  • Compete against other players to win virtual currency prizes.
  • Real money prizes coming soon

Final words to say

Being stuck at home wholly is not so much fun. For most, it has just become a routine, which is to wake up, freshen up and sit for work. You can break this slump by simply playing this wonderful game of Animalz Pop-em developed by Purplezoo Productions Inc. It is recommended for fans of all types of puzzle and arcade games.


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