Angry Monk: The real warrior

by | Dec 8, 2019 | 0 comments

Genre : Android Game
Platform : Android
Developer : DatingNet Inc
Positivies :Fun Game
Negatives :None

People largely grew up with variety of games in all kinds; so primarily, when the popular genres are introduced they can’t assist but have the eager to check it out, which is what actually happened with Angry monk – The Real Warrior game developed by reputed DatingNet Inc.

Angry monk is an interesting game where the monk moves with different tactics and facing different kind of enemies. You can certainly enjoy the fight of monk hero when it jumps, getting coins and fight with the monsters enemies who wish to catch. Angry monk is strong and it is all about jumping game where your character jumps and hit enemies.

It is regarded to be best classic game in new style so users get ready and move with fight at every step. You can also move and fight with small, big enemies in your way. Altogether it is a groundbreaking new top way to play classic fluffy jump, Monk hero and fight with angry birds, animals in one place is just splendid.

Key Features of Angry monk – The Real Warrior

  • It is simple to understand the colorful Kong game
  • Fast pace fluffy running and Endless game play
  • Good time pass game with relaxing colors and music
  • You can hit the angry birds to move forward the crazy monk
  • Absolutely Free for everyone
  • Unlimited gameplay with all features
  • Perfect mind training game while moving and hitting enemies
  • Best addictive game and you can challenge your mind all the times
  • Continue with the obtained coins and top Single touch game
  • Play for higher score

How to Play

Primarily this Angry Monk game is simple to understand where the game play is just hitting the enemies and hit the angry insects, birds and animals. More over Angry Monk hero is fast-paced, challenging and totally addictive game. It is one-touch control with simple operations and providing quality HD graphics. In addition it qualitatively tests how good your hand-eye coordination is. You can also tap and hit which is simple but hard and challenging to go for very long.

It’s easy to play as you have just to move and jump while hitting enemies to clear game stages so play it and you will experience so much addictive nature of this game. They are also great game for time pass and it’s full of features for smooth Kong hero simulation game. Simple to play with unlimited level and play until you can. You can kill as many angry birds and monsters and reach to the highest point.

By playing often you can get better and achieve expertise in this game. So you can download this best Crazy monk Warrior game in new style where a Kong hero will certainly entertain you with fight against monsters of several sizes and kinds.


Angry monk – The Real Warrior game developed by DatingNet Inc is definitely something that’s so much different on the Play Store, which is always refreshing to experience these days. This amazing game really is a blast to play.


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