AirTalk – Location Based Social Networking

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Genre : iOS App
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Developer : OFF Line
Positivies :concept, UI, easy to use
Negatives :none


Since the invention of mobile apps- social networking apps in particular have become a necessity in most of our handheld contrivances. The latest in line is the innovative Air talk iPhone app that allows its users to communicate with other app users within a vicinity of a 100m radius. Users get to create and customize their profiles for others to learn more about them. Moreover, users can get to customize their avatars and usernames for further personalization. The app has an interface that displays constant updates from other users alongside the time posted and the distance in meters they are from you.


Although most conventional iPhone social networking apps require an active service provider connection to work, air talk only requires Bluetooth and Wi-FI and you are good to go.

It is the culmination of the efforts of OFF Line who wanted to create a simple application for chatting purposes that is fun and convenient at the same time. it provides a coherent platform for location based communication and is not merely based on social connection and interests.

The app is available of an array of languages including English, German, Japanese, Spanish and Russian amongst others.


Features and capabilities  

  • Available on many ios platforms-for instance on iPhone4s (or later) or iPod Touch (5th generation or later) or iPad(third generation or later) or iPad mini with ios 7 or later. The app also requires an average of 12MB of space on your designated memory space.
  • Can be used without active internet or service provider connection- you only require Bluetooth technology and good Wi-Fi connection. This makes it ideal for communicating with anyone at anytime. You might be waiting for public transport, or in line at the grocery store and getting bored. Using this app, you can connect with new people and get to share thoughts, opinions and interests with those around you.
  • Easily Communicate with anyone within 100m radius- the app is easy to use and has no installation hassles. You can chat with anyone with 100m radius and it also help you make good of a limited data plan in tandem with your Bluetooth connectivity while in a remote location or while on a road trip.
  • Twitter integration to for message sharing- this app has been conveniently intergrated with the social platform twitter. You can easily send messages to your followers and also share similar content with the individuals within your vicinity.
  • Simple and seamless interface- it has an overall sleek, minimal and contemporary interface that makes the app easy to navigate.



While this iphone app has no major drawbacks that can cause major concern to its users, it still has some that you should be aware of:

  • Since it implements both GPS and Bluetooth, Extensive usage can drain your battery power.
  • The app has an age rating of 17+ since some of the shared content can be too suggestive for young adolescents.


You can easily download and test the air talk app from the iTunes app store for a very reasonable price. Based on performance and capabilities, This is most definitely a worthwhile app to have on your phone

Worth Having App – Download the App

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