Air Gravity –Amazing, Endless, Simple and Fun Game

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Genre : Arcade
Platform : Android
Developer : Dreadnoughta
Positivies :Endless Game, Fun Game
Negatives :None

Mobile-based games are always fun and entertaining to play. They entertain you wherever you go; places like queues, banks or waiting at an ATM are surprising ways to play a mobile-based game and to spend time while you’re waiting at the line of ATM or shop or just lying on the couch in your home. I found a fantastic time killer game, Air Gravity.

Air Gravity is simple to play with simple rules like be in the air and fight the enemies. Make sure that you do not let your enemies shoot you while you also try to compete with gravity.

How the app works:

Download and install the ‘Air Gravity’ mobile app on your smartphone or other similar devices. Now launch the game on your device and start playing. Air Gravity is a game where you fight in an arcade shooting game setting and battle out with your enemies who are also in similar planes. While you play, you should also keep in mind gravity, which tends to bring your plane down. In that case, you are required to maintain your balance on air and keep the plane flying. The game also provides you with auto shoot function where you do not have to worry about focusing on both shooting the enemies and flying the plane rather all you need to do is concentrate on dodging the enemy bullets and mastering your pilot skills. As you go about the game, you can collect coins and increase your fame. Health packs are available as you progress through the game that gives additional leverage against your enemies.

Features of the app:

Air Gravity has a lot of attractive features:

  • Alluring graphics
  • Challenging obstacles
  • User friendly
  • Bug fixes
  • Entertaining
  • Regular boost ups

Compatible with:

The app works on all Android devices.

Developed by:

Air Gravity is developed and offered by ‘Dreadnoughta’.

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