Adventure Quest Worlds

by | Apr 15, 2013 | 0 comments

Genre : Role Playing
Platform : MMORPG | PC
Positivies :; unique graphical design ; numerous quest to do
Negatives :; can get a little repetitive after a while

Adventure Quest Worlds is a free-to-play MMO-RPG which is mostly oriented on action. It has detailed cel-shading graphics, which adds to the game’s unique character… Adventure Quest Worlds is a title that is well-known in the genre and has a true following of fans that are present on-line each day (and night)!

Developing your heroes in AQ Worlds can be achieved by questing. This is so, because completing a task grants bonus to your hero’s experience… With successively collected points, you finally get to “level your character”. Gaining a rank brings a few good news for your hero! Firstly, you will be able to wear better equipment and weapons. Secondly, your character gets a new “skill” with every few levels. Skills are exclusive for only chosen class, and represent its abilities, spells and forms of attack. Remember that in AQ Worlds abilities are everything, because they give you a noticeable advantage over your opponents! Some of them may cause huge damage, others heal your company – the more you posses, the more options you get on the battlefield!

AQ Worlds supports only 4 playable classes: Healer, Mage, Warrior and Rogue… Although this is no monstrous number in any case, there shouldn’t be place for complaints, because this guys give you everything you would want from an action-oriented MMO-RPG! Graphics, while not stellar, are certainly well-done and polished. In AQ Worlds we will get to venture into forest, hills and enter the deepest dungeons… Game has an adventurous character to it, and offers players various assignments that will test their skills. Its worth adding that the game is completely free and is played right out of your browser! This means that we got to era when you don’t even have to install anything to play a competent RPG!…

The main game-play scenario will involve, accepting a quest from a NPC and going to the desired location in order to perform the task.. This will vary (depending on many factors) and may include scary, funny or even very strange quests! AQ Worlds is a game that is best enjoyed with people you like.. So if you have a buddy to start the game with, this can be a beginning of a great adventure! Game brings most fun when doing quest together, just try it out yourself!

As for a game that is totally free to play and can be enjoyed anytime in your browser, there isn’t anything real to complain about AQ Worlds… This is just your good, action-infused RPG title that can be enjoyed by nearly anyone!

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