Aces Gin Rummy : Fun-packed Card Game on the Go

by | Apr 2, 2013 | 0 comments

Genre : Android Game
Platform : Android
Positivies :Addictive, Fun characters
Negatives :: Beginners may find the game a little complicated

Card games have been played for centuries and they are a form of entertainment like no other. The strategy and choices a player has to make in any card game is totally interesting and challenging. In this widespread age of technology and Xbox, where sophisticated games are sweeping over everything else, card games continue to occupy a special place in many mobile game enthusiasts list. Aces Gin Rummy is yet another card game from Concrete Software. With this app, you can easily play a simple and fun card game without the hassle of having to find someone to play with and deal out all the cards. The app requires Android 2.2 and up.


To get started with Aces Gin Rummy, uses have to download the game from the Google Play Store (for free), enter their name, and choose from a variety of fun-looking avatars. At this stage, users can choose the level of difficulty as well. The Win Score feature lets players adjust how long the game goes on for.

Any card game comes with its own set of rules and it is essential that the players gain a clear understanding of all the strategies to play efficiently. Addressing this aspect, Aces Gin Rummy comes with a detailed tutorial with all the rules, making it welcomed by beginners as well. The tutorial proves to be a good guide in pushing players well on their way towards the goal. During the course of the game, players can view their hand at the bottom of the display, and the discard pile is displayed in the centre of the board.


Aces Gin Rummy comes with a fun cast of character, from well-dressed ladies and gentlemen to smart farm animals and cool robots that players can choose from and play against. The games in Gin Rummy are fairly quick. Each match consists of a group of games; however, each game lasts no more than a few minutes. The app sorts the player’s cards and creates melds automatically, offering easy and quick moves. A good feature of the app is that users can pause between the game and resume later from wherever they left off. A traditional score system keeps the game going well and there are various game levels from easy to hard for all categories of players. For a quick game, players can play up to 100 or go up to 300 for a more challenging and longer play. The game provides bonus points like a double for shutting out the opponent and a twenty for each hand won.


Aces Gin Rummy is without doubt a fun packed and challenging app for the Android that offers all the fun of the traditional card game on the go. The app is something that every card game lover must check out.

Good: The game is as addictive as the same old card game, except that it can be played anytime anywhere without the hassle of having to find a partner. The characters are fun to play with and the scoring system is very neat and engaging. The look and feel of the app is pleasing as well.

Bad: Beginners may find the game a little complicated; however, the detailed tutorial offers a great start.

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