A Review of the ‘Stand By You’ App

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Genre : Android App
Platform : Android
Positivies :UI, story line
Negatives :none

Picture waking up in a room and you can’t move and everything around you looks unrealistic, yet so surreal. A post-apocalyptic
world where nothing remains standing and you are smack-dab in the middle of it. This is what Kyo-ka wakes up to in this single player masterpiece of a game, stand by me.

This Japanese app was developed by Water Phoenix Company Limited. Stand by me has a well-designed interface that brings forth pure clarity, the essence of purpose and friendship through its plot. Additionally, the know-how put in this platform gives one of the best gaming experiences in the World.

About game

The user experience of the game is quite friendly. It will take about 3-5 hours to complete. The game runs on every OS from version 2.3.1 and only needs less than 1GB of space. It appealing user interface immerses you in a world like you have never seen before. The background graphics are really a site to behold. Its display takes you in and you get lost in the interactive gaming experience.

The game follows two characters, who by some odd chance, their paths cross. The end result is a journey where Kyo-ka, the main character, finds purpose in the new world of bringing happiness to Asagari. Asagari [a self-entitled human], is on a mission from God. Kyo-ka is helpless as Asagari keeps on dying and coming back to life. A sacrifice to all humans
for all the sins they have committed. Their journey is one of friendship and trying to hold on to what humanity is all about.

Overall outlook

It is an easy to play addictive game, whose graphics and character development mesh to bring you an experience out of this world. The two characters take you on a roller coaster ride. The kind of development put into the creation of the characters is similar to Japanese anime. The language is in Japanese but it can be changed into English through subtitles. As such, language barriers do not stop you from appreciating the game fully.The simplicity of the game and the story captivates one’s mind. Conversely, the graphics, design and its acoustics engage you fully into the game.


The game is easier to learn and play.

It runs on good graphics which make the game more appealing.

The game’s story mode and the feel of playing is quite interactive.

The development of the characters as the story progresses keeps you engaged.


It is rather gloomy based on the post-apocalyptic theme.

It is not recommended for a younger audience due to the undertones of the game.

The game’s plot is quite short.

User reviews

Some of the user reviews cite that more development should have gone into the game. Such as introducing more plot twists in the overall game. Others point out it not being convenient to a younger audience. Additionally, the story mode was perceived to be pretty simplistic and the design should enable easier switching between players. Others, cited the need to interact with the environment necessitating enhanced graphics. Broadly, the game is an efficient tool to lead you to another world with infinite possibilities.

Worth Having App – Download the App

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