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Genre : Android Game
Platform : Android
Developer : PENTA GAMES
Positivies :Graphics, Fun
Negatives :none

Nowadays, the number of games launched everyday is increasing, but the gaming quotient is decreasing at the same rate. There are so many adventure games, puzzle games, action-packed games and much more that are available on the App Store. Most of the times, they are copies of one another with a few small changes here and there. But there are simple 3D puzzle games which are the simplest of all the games that actually stay with you, makes you curious and actually test your brain. That’s why they are designed with the main motive to perplex your sharp mind instead of creating time-pass games. I’m happy that finally one such game has made it to the App Store and we’re going to discuss it next.

I’m talking about the latest Android app called 3D-Penta that has been developed by Penta-Games.

It’s the first real 3D brain teaser. The app is compatible with Android Smartphones having 2.2 or any later version of the Operating System.

3D-Penta is a very simple yet challenging puzzle game. There are different levels of the gameplay and instructions are given to you for how to play the game. Here you have 29- three dimensional Pentacubes and you have to place some of the pentacubes to complete a given 3D- structure. As you all know that, Pentacubes consist of 5 Cubes in all possible variants, you can choose any one of them to place. The Pentacubes are turnable up to 24 rotated views and it is challenging your mind, to detect the same pentacube in a rotated view.

As you know that, Practice makes a man perfect. This game is an example of that famous quote. The more you play it, the more you’ll get into the game. The rules are quite simple to understand but very difficult to follow. Let me tell you why! Sometimes, your fingers would be confused where to place the cubes having the right shape. The situation gets too messy when you’re not placing the right cubes. So as you proceed further, the game becomes more challenging but interesting. You’ll be curious to solve the puzzle. It’s a great challenge for your mind and it’s a super addictive gameplay. I’m sure you’ll love it!

Overall, the 3D-Penta game trains your brain and establish your 3D-thinking. The graphics of the game are simple, soothing and apt for the situation. There are no-ads in between the gameplay to interrupt you. The developers have designed it beautifully. It’s pure fun and mind game for kids as well as adults also!

3D-Penta is available for free in the App Store. However, some in-app purchases are also available. So what are you waiting for? Get it now!

PROS: 3D puzzle; mind boggling game; challenging; easy to play; simple; neat and clean interface; soothing graphics; hard to put down; trains your brain; addictive gameplay; free.

CONS: none.

I will give this app 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Worth Having App – Download the App

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