10 Reasons Why People Like My Fave Places + Podz App

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Genre : iOS App
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Developer : My Fave Places LLC
Positivies :Add personal notes for each location, such as your favourite waiter, table, or recommendation to share. URLs and emojis can be included.
Negatives :Nothing

My Fave Places + Podz is the best way to save, plan, share, and be inspired by friends’ favourite places and access great creator lifestyle content.

MFP: With MFP’s simple A-Z list format, colour-coded categories and pins, car service links, maps, and notes, you’ll have the information at your fingertips in no time. Make a list of places you’ve been, love, or want to visit. Alternatively, you can share your own.

Connect with your friends and influencers to learn about their favourite spots. People only save their favourite places in MFP, so you know you will have a good time. You can also keep your places and categories private. Today, forget about the business cards and cumbersome spreadsheets in favour of MFP.

My fauvo places

What is the significance of the name Podz?

Use Podz for a deeper dive or to promote your expertise if you’re a reader, foodie, traveller, blogger, planner, creator, or someone who gets asked for recommendations. Podz allows you to read blogs and reviews, watch videos, get a fitness workout, learn a makeup tutorial, entertainment, city and travel guides, take notes, and much more. You, too, can become a creator.

App Key Features:

  • You can browse the MFP app and save up to 5 locations before registering.
  • Quick search: Using your phone’s geo-location, the MFP app can locate nearby locations and search for locations further away.
  • Connections: Useful for locating a location when you’re in an unfamiliar area.
  • MFP saves your favourite locations in an A-Z list and by Category.
  • Smart filter: Use the Categories filter for nearby places to narrow down your search. Do you want a coffee? MFP will display the nearest cafes that are within walking distance. Other categories include bars, restaurants, attractions, lodging, travel, sports, spas, and children’s activities.

My Fave Places + Podz App Features

  • Add personal notes for each location, such as your favourite waiter, table, or recommendation to share. URLs and emojis can be included.
  • Links to car services, such as Uber
  • Colour-coded map categories and pins, as well as a map and directions
  • Email, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, text message, and private in-app share recommended places to friends.
  • Read Podz for in-depth articles on recommended destinations, fitness, fashion, training, events, and more.
  • View your top five most connected friends as well as their connections.

Final Say

Everything is done professionally, as you discover many notable features that demonstrate or enumerate how much care was put into the app during development.


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