Daily Nickel is a secure one-stop marketplace that promotes people-to-people commerce and the creation of new opportunities, whether you are providing services or buying and selling goods in your community or elsewhere.

It’s no surprise that e-commerce surpassed traditional retail in popularity – accessibility and convenience are the driving forces behind all commerce. However, the e-commerce industry continues to disappoint its customers by:

  • The absence of a common area for customers to discuss and exchange goods and services.
  • They are failing to provide secure, safe non-retail services to the market.
  • Developing a new accountability system that customers must learn each time they visit a new website.

How can we improve the community’s e-commerce exchange of goods, products, and services?

Daily Nickel Is the Solution  

Daily Nickel is a marketplace and an iOS app that connects people worldwide in the largest, most versatile commercial centre, facilitating the most dependable way to sell and buy local retail while keeping in mind the neighbourhoods that define communities.

You can primarily post an item for sale in seconds with Daily Nickel, browse what’s for sale in your respective area and chat instantly and privately with other buyers and sellers. The users can post goods and services to buy, sell, search, arrange to meet, chat, create private groups in their own communities, and rate other products and services – all at the touch of a button.

The Daily Nickel’s top priority is to assist people in better serving their communities. We want you to have a positive experience when buying, selling, and looking for the best services in your area. They believe commerce and collaboration should be safe, straightforward, and seamless. They want to redefine the term “community” through technology.

What Is New?

Daily Nickel is a secure one-stop marketplace for enhancing people-to-people commerce and creating new opportunities, whether providing services or buying and selling goods in your community or beyond.

The mission of Daily Nickel is to encourage people to help and interact with one another in their communities. The Daily Nickel application is a trusted and best-in-class goods and services marketplace that promotes local talent and allows communities to benefit financially.


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