We learnt that Google’s Assistant is a chatbot, along with Alexa, Siri, and Cortana. It is illustrated that the smarter chatbots are using artificial intelligence in addition to machine learning with natural language processing (NLP). More specifically these quality chatbots can recall your likes and dislikes and offer appealing suggestion or recommendations based on your history. Moreover you can experience Top Chatbots who want you to get a job.

It is conveyed that recruiting chatbots are sometimes powered by AI, sometimes not. Their main function is to replicate many of the communicative tasks that recruiters typically do.  In addition a recruitment chatbot will greet you, get your personal details, and ask your questions to see if you’re best fit for the job.

They would update you on your application’s status and schedule your interview.  Moreover your conversation with the chatbot takes place on respective career sites, job pages, and social media sites such as Facebook.  If the company is using a chatbot, you might meet one during the recruitment process. So it is every possible to experience top Chatbots who want you to get a job.

Experience Mya

This popular Mya has made a name for itself in the recruitment industry. It’s professionally powered by a conversational AI Platform which primarily means it uses NLP (natural language processing). So, it might be as effective at conversation as an actual human and it performs efficiently.

It is enumerated that Mya’s questions come out of programming, immensely focusing on objective, performance-based questions. Mya doesn’t view the candidate’s skin color or clothing style. They could be judged based on your gender or name.

You can Meet MC

More importantly the familiar Marriott introduced its first Facebook recruitment chatbot. The Marriott Careers MC chatbot for Facebook messenger actively answers your questions, like do you have event manager job openings in London? And do you have any restaurant manager job openings in New Delhi?

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