It is experienced that everyone wants their social circle to be expanded. Regardless of the reasoning like, whether you recently moved to different city, everyone needs companion. But let’s be true, one of the difficult parts about being how to make friends. Now it’s nearly possible with this innovative app of 6People – Daily Chat Group developed by Epochle.

With this use of 6People – Daily Chat Group app you can meet new friends and engage with others by chatting in a group of 6 new people every day. Moreover 6People is a chat platform which actively promotes authentic conversations and greatly avoids the superficial typical in swipe to meet kind apps. The passionately users will automatically be assigned to a new group every day regardless of whether they are utilizing the app or not to chat, make connections and network.

It is happy to encounter life with others by posting, sharing moments and socializing with your group. Also explore and experience new people every day through 6People.

Important Features of 6People – Daily Chat Group

  • You can try this new app platform with group dynamics of 6 members
  • Easy to make real connections or real friends
  • Past Chats of the moments with your group would be saved for you to actively access at any time
  • The app users are separated by countries so depending on which country you’re using it from, you may not see any other users.
  • You can send any private messages after the group session
  • Possible to connect in groups by extending the session with *points required
  • Get the thumbs up for users who have made your day better or assisted to solve a problem
  • Make groups of local people which are based on users in the same state/ country
  • Use Flag and report inappropriate content / users
  • Achieve points by logging in daily, inviting other users, becoming a top 2 chatter in the group

More amazingly this 6People is free to use however points are required for additional features like extending the session and custom groups. The points can be earned or alternatively could also be purchased. These prices are vividly displayed in the app and are subject to change without notice. The payment would be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of the purchase.


When we use this app one must be respectful in the room. You should not post offensive comments or bullying or threats of violence. There should not be spamming or flooding. Also do not discriminate based on gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, race, age, national origin, or disability.

There is a rule not to post illegal content including content related to illegal drugs. Make sure you are not posting obscene or sexual material, text or images. Things like commercial marketing, posting of unsolicited advertisements or seek financial arrangements not encouraged. Only use of English is allowed in rooms and it is a requirement in the event that content needs to be reviewed.

Final Say

So recently I heard about 6People – Daily Chat Group developed by Epochle, and it was something so different that I couldn’t wait for to use it. Now I must say, this is a completely fresh approach to meeting new friends, and it shouldn’t be missed.

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