When I saw Wolf Online 2 developed by 1Games on the Play Store, I was interested by the features, and knew that it was something unique that I had to try out. If you’re a passionate fan of games with little to no guidance, well, Wolf Online 2 will be right up your accolade.

Wolf Online 2 is the best animal action mobile game full of realistic graphics and the excitement of animal hunting. More interestingly the sequel of “Wolf Online,” a popular animal mobile game that reached more than 10 million downloads; “Wolf Online 2” is a real-time online game.

The players can become a wolf and hunt animals living in various regions such as deserts, jungles, grasslands, and glaciers, compete with other wolves, and survive from the fights with stronger predators in the wilderness ruled by the “Law of the Jungle.”

Key Features of Wolf Online 2

Top Strategic Hunting and Battles

  • The players can not only run, bite, and attack other animals but can also jump up to bite and hang on them along, make a surprise attack by hiding behind rocks or bushes, and run into preys to make them fall. They can also hunt animals using terrain features.
  • Above all, players can summon their colleagues or locate them through “Summon” or “Find a Friend” function. Players can also find the type, location, and direction of preys by smelling them and approach them secretly by crawling.
  • Depending on the nature and types of prey, you will need to change how you hunt as well as collaborate with other wolves. Know how to deal with various types of animals who run fast, can attack strongly, or move around in herds and packs.

Best Graphics and Artificial Intelligence

  • The users can enjoy hunting in wilderness that has become more realistic with background effects and realistic 3D graphics that fit the characteristics of each region such as deserts, swamps, grasslands, forests, and icy areas.
  • Animals respond intellectually according to various environmental conditions such as their strength, players’ behaviors, and the existence of herds and packs.

Actively Create Your Own Unique Character

  • You can select not only the gender but also the characteristics of a wolf that meet your inclinations from 3 wolf species (Mountain, Snow, and Wild).
  • Easy to customize face, body, legs, tail, and skin color to create your own, unique wolf character

Top Realistic Animal Simulator

  • The users can play various daily life actions such as drinking water if you are thirsty, sit down and rest if you are stressed, dig the ground, and discharge waste if you are full.
  • Herbivores move around in herds and baby animals never leave their moms. Predators are fierce and ferocious when they are hungry, but usually are not even if you pass right next to them.

Feature of Guild/Ranking and Cloud Storage System

  • You can enjoy battles by creating and joining a guild that fits your goal. A guild can have its own guild mark.
  • The users can also check their hunting skill by each wolf species or through the overall ranking and load their game information at any time through the cloud system.

About Different Habitats

Mountain Wolf

It is enumerated that living in rough and dangerous mountainous areas and forests, the Mountain Wolf has the most balanced abilities among the three species.

Snow Wolf

By living in white areas covered in cold ice and snow, the Snow Wolf has the fastest speed and the best agility to hunt preys.

Wild Wolf

Settled in a wild and barren land that still preserves the traces and souls of ancient beasts, the Wild Wolf is the most brutal and aggressive out of all three species.

Entrance of Wolf Habitat

It is said one should avoid the gatekeeper’s attacks and disruptions pass through the gate to invade into another wolf species’ habitat.

Guardian Habitat

They are the most powerful, violent, and biggest dragons live in these areas which were created to guard three wild wolf Species Mountain, Snow, and Wild.

Large-scale Movement of Animals

The animals that run around all the time such as water buffalos and zebras are running the wilderness in groups.

Guild Hideout

It is referred as a place to interact with other guild members to hunt preys together by summoning various animals

So you can hunt hundreds of types of carnivores, omnivores and herbivores such as elephants, penguins and boars in various other areas.


Wolf Online 2 developed by 1Games is a special game where users will be coming back over again, and I suggest it for anyone who thoroughly enjoys a challenging game.