Wizard101, in opposition to some contrary opinions, proves that MMO-RPG can still contain original, innovative game-play ideas.. Wizard101 puts player in a role of young magic school adept. During your journey you will be given many different quests, mainly involving killing monsters or delivering certain information to specified people… Now, you may say that everything I mentioned was already included in other games.. and you’re probably right… but Wizard101 actually achieves in re-inventing these to a new game-play manner… Game includes elements typical to similar MMO-RPG’s but fortunately does “something” to make Wizard101 stand out from the rest..

Wizard101 offers card combat system, which brings elements of strategy to the game… It works like this: if you manage to get close enough to an opponent, a special animation pops up, and we get transfered to the card combat sequence. From now, on fights are played in turns. Every turn you can cast one spell, which can range from attacks to damage dealing creatures or healing cards! Game graphics are very well-done with nice textures and bright color palette to it. Wizard101 has an extremely relaxing and easy going atmosphere, but don’t you go thinking that game actually needs no planning or skill!

To prove my words, listen: there will be countless moments, (especially during battles) that will require good timing and knowing card properties. If you think that card-battles will be not especially satisfying, you were definitely wrong! Wizard101 has so much tactical opportunities in it’s fighting system, that can be more exciting that most real-time battles known from competitive MMO-RPG’s.

Wizard101 takes a very fresh approach on the well-known genre and blesses it with a little bit of magical touch! That’s what we exactly needed.. Game is relaxing, very polished and has production values that are much higher, than in other standard MMO-RPG’s. So my final word is: yes, enter Wizard School and have fun!

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