Red Eclipse

by | Mar 19, 2013

Platform : PC
Developer :
Positivies :;great graphics and animation; cool visual style
Negatives :; sometimes it's hard to find people online

Red Eclipse is a game that just needs further recognition.. It’s been doing a lot of hard work in the free FPS department and is still holding it’s line very well. Game runs on a very efficient CUBE 2 engine, which to my taste succeeded in creation of smoothly finished environments and models! Game has a nice choice of weapons including: knife, SMG, shotgun, plasma-gun, and grenades! Most of them can be used in two modes, that gives a wide variety when it comes to shooting… Graphics and animation run very smoothly, I really like the look, color palette of environments, characters and weapons!
This game is a strictly multi-player FPS containing a lot of maps and modes. There’s a nice option included in Red Eclipse when running a server, letting you customize it to your taste with pre-set mutators that will affect the game. Red Eclipse brings a fast and furious action in multi-player that will sometimes take ninja-reflex to win. Who is faster, is better! Game has unique jump system, that is more advanced than in most competitive shooters.. Upon performing a jump, it can be steered in desired directions. Masters of this ability can make a total fool of their opponents!

For a game that is totally free, Red Eclipse has much to offer.. Constant additions and updates to the game, guarantee satisfaction… Red Eclipse will bring many great moments to gamers looking for a balanced and good FPS with nice graphics..

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