Shire Defense: Fun Loving Game

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Genre : iOS Game
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Developer : Bohemia Touch
Positivies :screens, addictive
Negatives :None

Shire Defense 1.0 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch on July 31, 2015. Shire Defense is a testing dream tower guard game set in the awesome universe of enchantment. The kingdom is at war! Players fight to protect their shire from the approaching swarms of zombies, wizards, warriors, mages and hobbit monsters. Deliberately put protections made up of wind tornadoes, fireballs, tornadoes, toxin mists, and metal honey bees, in a urgent battle to safeguard the shire until the very end!

Players end up protecting diverse areas of their kingdom, taking up arms crosswise over 25 special maps that incorporate such difficult situations as backwoods, mountain passes, shires, and towns. As they fight, protectors are confronted with difficulties of regularly expanding trouble, every step up as their abilities keep on expanding. Even with 5 unique sorts of foes, players need to deliberately utilize the 5 assortments of shields accessible in their weapons store to safeguard their shire from the constantly propelling adversaries. Making utilization of Ploppers, Twisters, Hives, Fireballs, and Mortars, warriors must utilize every single accessible protector to secure their territory.

“While numerous players are acquainted with the typical tower guard sort of games, in Shire Defense challenge with a turn is advertised. “With the included levels of difficulties, and in addition the capacity to redesign barriers as players face perpetually expanding assault swarms, Shire Defense conveys something new to the gaming table that brings players back, prepared for another difficulties each time they play the game.”

Features:25 Maps,5 Environments,3 Levels of Difficulty,5 Defenders,Defender upgrades,5 Enemies and Random music on each level.


While Shire Defense gives a stimulating test to players of all aptitude levels, amateurs appreciate the game’s anything but difficult to-utilize touch-based interface. Players essentially tap the screen to choose a spot to put a cautious weapon, and after that tap again to choose the wanted safeguard. The game helps new players, training them in the matter of how they can appropriately safeguard their shire from the approaching assailants. Brisk responses and speculation are required for this game, and appropriate situation of protectors is principal to annihilating all the adversary intruders.

A brilliant system is a definitive weapon in Shire Defense, as basically setting barriers in irregular areas result in triumph as well as players need to deliberately put their protections where they can do the most harm, utilizing a few guards to back off the always propelling swarms; permitting different sorts of safeguards enough time to proficiently wipe their adversaries from the substance of the earth! A nearby eye ought to be continued the guards, as they should be intermittently repaired or redesigned in the warmth of fight.

More propelled players welcome the capacity to update their guards as the difficulties increment in later levels. By utilizing their pearls shrewdly, warriors can choose the right protector to devastate approaching swarms. An insightful player will deliberately, yet rapidly, place redesigned barriers in vital spots to wipeout the aggressors before they can annihilate their safeguards. Situation of these items is immeasurably essential, particularly in later levels, as the swarms develop progressively huge and forceful. The 5 various types of foes add to the test; as distinctive assailants require new systems to legitimately crush them.

While in-app buys are not required to play Shire Defense, the game offers various Gem packs to accelerate the player’s advancement by overhauling their protection abilities, including enhanced Ploppers, Twisters, Hives, Fireballs, and Mortars. These redesigns making it simpler to demolish the foes before they devastate the shields. Players can likewise utilize diamonds to open the different accessible maps for quicker advance.

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